Sunday, November 19, 2023

"Unit" Tests

A survey of the definition of "unit test", taken from references in my dead tree library.


I call them "unit tests" but they don't match the accepted definition of unit tests very well. -- Kent Beck, Test Driven Development by Example.


Unit testing means that one and only one unit is tested as such. -- Ivar Jacobson, Object-Oriented Software Engineering


Unit testing is the testing we do to show that the unit does not satisfy its functional specification and/or that its implementation structure does not match the intended design structure. -- Boris Beizer, Software Testing Techniques.


Module testing or unit testing is the verification of a single program module, usually in an isolated environment (i.e. isolated from all other modules).  -- Glenford Myers, Software Reliabililty.


The objective of unit testing is to attempt to determine the correctness and completeness of an implementation with respect to unit requirements and design documentation by attempting to uncover faults.... -- IEEE-1008-1987