Friday, October 25, 2019

Following a better path

I intend to follow a better path, now that @marlenac has brought it to my attention.

When you are able to condense your software expertise into a practice that takes <10min and a relative beginner can mimic, and repeating that exercise thousands of times brings fresh insight to everyone at every level, you can call it a code kata. -- @jtu

The good TDD exercises do offer fresh insights at many levels, but less face it; the creation of these exercises doesn't demonstrate a lifetime of mastery so much as a clever idea that survived a few rough drafts.  Maybe.

The time limit is a really interesting constraint -- much of my complaints with the TDD exercises that I've found is that the scope of them is much too brief; that an hour of exploration isn't enough time to have the problems that TDD purports to solve.


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