Sunday, August 13, 2023

TDDbE: Makin' Objects

The two subclasses of Money aren't doing enough work to justify their existence, so we would like to eliminate them.

Minor complaint: that's a pretty clear conclusion to reach as soon as you start thinking about them.  Again, my charitable interpretation is that we are witnessing a demonstration of how to climb out of a hole that you probably shouldn't have dug in the first place.

And that's perhaps concerning, in so far as we could have had a lot more coupling to the "wrong" interface if we hadn't discovered the improvement as early as we did.

The first step is interesting - replacing the direct invocation of the object constructors with factory methods (aka "named constructors").  That's a good idea often enough that I wouldn't have minded terribly if the "perfect interface" we imagined in chapter one had used them.

Kevlin Henney once observed that if your program is really object oriented, then the only place you would see the name of a concrete class is at the point that the constructor is invoked - everything else would be interfaces or (rarely) abstract classes.


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