Wednesday, April 8, 2020

TDD: Roman Bowling Challenge

An adaptation of familiar coding problems.

Martin and Koss introduced bowling scoring as a demonstration piece for how tests could fit into the programming process. In the distilled version, which helps to limit the required time, we focus our attention on computing the score of the game after it has been completed.

In May of 2001, Kent Beck and Alan Francis demonstrated the Roman numerals conversion exercise to a live audience.


Let's design a program that compute the final score of bowling games, where the inputs (pin falls) and the output (final score) are expressed using Roman numerals.


Notice the character of the tests that you write. Are they unit tests? acceptance tests? something else?

Are you working top down? bottom up? something else?

Bonus Challenge

Bowling is much more exciting in the original Klingon. Can you extend your solution quickly enough to capture this vibrant new market?


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